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The short runs

Only the best of the best qualify for the Boston Marathon. They make it that far because along the way, they have practiced “the short runs.” Over time, they build up the strength and endurance to run the big race. … Continue reading

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I should have listened

His bony finger poked me sharply. “They will crucify you!” He stabbed me again with his sharp finger, his nail cutting into my shoulder.” You are a truth-teller…and that’s what they do to truth-tellers…this church will crucify you!” Those were the words … Continue reading

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The Walking Wounded

I was on my way to work this morning and noticed a man coming toward me on the sidewalk. He walked with a slow gate and was limping a bit. As I looked closer, I saw a brace on his … Continue reading

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The whys and what fors

I have always liked to write. I promised myself when I was semi retired (and let’s pretend that I am for the moment) I would write. Writing, for me is a cathartic art. You will notice that I am not … Continue reading

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