The whys and what fors

I have always liked to write. I promised myself when I was semi retired (and let’s pretend that I am for the moment) I would write. Writing, for me is a cathartic art. You will notice that I am not overly concerned about proper grammar and proper word formatting. Maybe that is because I’m not concerned about rules. In fact, I like to believe that I’m more of a rule breaker, than a rule follower. The same is true with my writing. So, there you have “the why.”

I’m going to express the words and visions and stirrings of God’s Spirit within me. Needless to say, like Jeremiah, I will also vent a bit. Hopefully readers of this blog will be able to receive not only the encouragement offered here, but also the frustrations expressed. I believe God is a bit frustrated with the “church.” (lower case “c” intentional) and that topic brings me to my title. The Reluctant Prophet.

The title of my blog is a spin on the book by Fleetwood Range, The Reluctant Spiritual Director. This was one of the first books I read when I began my ministry in the Art of Spiritual Direction. I loved the book, because like the author, I was hesitant at first about the calling…the calling to listen for the deeper heart of God in those I met with. In addition, I absolutely loved the title of the introduction of Range’s book. “Warning! Hazardous Material!” I have a sense I need to make a note to the readers of this blog that so too, some of the material in these writings may be perceived as “Hazardous Material.” Of course, that depends upon whether you agree with what I share here or not. It is hazardous in the sense that many ears will not be able to hear, and many eyes will not see. Nonetheless, I’m called to write and to share what is on my heart and in my spirit. And so we begin.

I welcome you here and hope in some way, you are encouraged and that with each post, you question what it is that God is calling you to pay close attention to. Sometimes, I will be writing more personal thoughts. Other times, I will share what God is speaking to my heart and then there will be times when I will simply Be Still and know that God is God…and I am not.

May you, the reader be blessed to do the same in your own life.


About burgercindy

Cindy Burger is a Spiritual Director, author and depending upon who you talk to, a woman who speaks what is on her mind…often to her own detriment. Share this:
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3 Responses to The whys and what fors

  1. Martha says:

    Good start, dear friend. I look forward to reading and sitting in this space with you. (oh… I have a blogspot, too…. haven’t written in LONG time but the url is below.)


  2. Cathy says:

    love that you are writing this and that you have included me in your readership! blessings – from Guatemala this time!


  3. Debi Flory says:

    I, too, have been writing, just not posting. I have a good feeling that between Martha, Cindy and I we could gather a pretty big “Acts 2” church with our musings of the soul. Hmmmmm…


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