The Balancing Act

Dear Friends,

I told myself I was going to be more committed to my writing this year. In fact, I’ve said I will start my book. I’ve been wanting to write my book and now is as good a time as any. Maybe that is how I will find even more balance in life. We shall see. 🙂

Why the topic of balance? Given the beginning  of the Trump administration, or perhaps the soon to be end of this administration, I think many people are in need of balance these days. We have been pushed to a new twilight zone. (For you younger folks, “The Twilight Zone” was a television show when I was a kid. I hope you will forgive me for the antiquated reference.

We are bombarded daily by the insanity of the actions taken by a power hungry “leader” and we feel like our heads are spinning or about to burst! Perhaps like me, you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of petitions, protests, facebook posts, tweets and news headlines. Doom and gloom came along with this leader, much like the proverbial black cloud.

So, how do we balance? First, I believe it’s important to recognize that when we are immersed in the muck and mire (overshadowed by the black cloud) we may begin to experience secondary post traumatic stress disorder. (Yes, that’s a real thing. Please research it for more information.)

I have found some balance by doing the following. I’m not suggesting you find balance in the same way, but it might give you an idea of what I’m doing for the sake of my own sanity. Here are some steps I have taken that have started me on the path to balance. Feel free to use them or create your own to reach balance in your life.

  • I’ve made a note of 3 to 4 groups that I am intent on following or hearing from either by email or on Facebook. These are news and organization sites that I know are accurate and not “fake” news. I have unsubscribed to all others.
  • I check the petitions I am willing to sign. If the petition is simply a way for a random candidate to increase their donor list, I’m more careful about signing.
  • I stick to organizations and petitions that I am passionate about. For example, I am concerned about what will happen to people re: healthcare. I’m also concerned about the disenfranchised and vulnerable. (Someone asked me  if I included Democrats in this category. Ha!) I have unsubscribed from all other lists and sites.
  • I select a time or allow a specific amount of time to read updates on actions taken and to contact my representatives in Washington. I make donations to organizations fighting for causes I’m passionate about. For balance here, I ALSO write to thank representatives of Congress who are showing a backbone and standing up to injustice and abuse.
  • I spend time on Facebook posting about  political areas I’m concerned about, but I also post videos of puppies, babies, otters, nature and other cute or fun things.
  • Most important, I allow time in my week for worshipping God, reading scripture and participating in fellowship with other believers.
  • I spend time visiting with friends, those who are sick and taking care of my grandchildren. ALL of these things are life-giving for me.

Are you currently spending too much time in the muck and mire? Where do you need or want to make changes so that your life is more balanced?

I’m committed to standing in the light. I will not allow fear or hate get me down or abusive individuals to discourage me. I don’t allow bullying by anyone, including facebook posts or presidents or emperors as the case may be.  I am committed to doing all that I can through my writing to encourage you and uplift you. Yes, I have my own opinions, but I’m not forcing you to read these articles. They are an invitation. I hope the rhetorical questions I’ve asked here might help you restore balance in your life and bring a renewed sense of hope and light in your life.






About burgercindy

Cindy Burger is a Spiritual Director, author and depending upon who you talk to, a woman who speaks what is on her mind…often to her own detriment. Share this:
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