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Not Just a Party Girl

I’ve never been fond of parties, you know…the kind with a lot of people. That’s mostly because I’m an introvert by nature. But today, those parties are not the kind I’m referring to. The kind I’m referring to here, are … Continue reading

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Roses on the wall

There is a scene from one of my favorite movies that reminds me of my dear friend. I won’t mention her name here for the sake of her privacy. A little history will help paint a picture of our friendship. … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump, You have inspired me! I watched the recent republican debate and after watching for some time, you helped me decide where to cast my vote. Yes, you have inspired me, but perhaps not in the way you … Continue reading

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The short runs

Only the best of the best qualify for the Boston Marathon. They make it that far because along the way, they have practiced “the short runs.” Over time, they build up the strength and endurance to run the big race. … Continue reading

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I should have listened

His bony finger poked me sharply. “They will crucify you!” He stabbed me again with his sharp finger, his nail cutting into my shoulder.” You are a truth-teller…and that’s what they do to truth-tellers…this church will crucify you!” Those were the words … Continue reading

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